Author of non-fiction books on voyages and expeditions


Somewhere over there - poetry
First edition in Bulgaria: 2022 - Anhira Publishing House




Theodor Troev,
Explorer and globetrotter, travelled the trails of mythical heroes
and еntrusted his life to the elements,
is taking us now on an unusual journey, covering the territory of the heart,
the oceans of love, the seas of friendship,
beyond which the shores of candour and trust await us. 

Klamath – Hope for the future (Microalgae – sunny food of the planet)

Updated edition in Bulgaria: 2020 - Anhira Publishing House
First and second edition in Bulgaria: 1998-1999 - 7D publishing house
Second edition in Bulgaria: 1999 - 7D publishing house
First edition in Greece: 1999 - 7D publishing house
First edition in Russia: 2003 - Kibea Publishing House
Third edition in Bulgaria: 2003 - Kibea Publishing House


A photo-book about a trip to Oregon, with a focus on Klamath Lake, abundant in blue-green algae AFA (Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae), which is considered to be the highest quality minerals-rich food source available to the human race today. Klamath Lake blue green algae are referred to as the sunny food of the planet as they capitalize on the direct energy of the sun more than any other nutrition, and are believed to be the most nutrient dense food on the planet.

The Argonautica Expedition – in search of the Golden Fleece

Bulgarian edition - Ciela, Sofia

The Argonautica Expedition

English edition - Faulkner Publishing, Cambridge


An illustrated book about a sailing voyage, exploring the route of the Argonauts in the Black Sea in search of the Golden Fleece. An exciting moment is the encounter with the expedition led by the renowned British explorer Tim Severin who at the same time was tracing Jason's voyage in a replica galley, Argo.


“It was very fitting that my first meeting with Theodor Troev took place on the stern deck of a Bronze Age galley – a replica of a type of vessel that, as far as we can determine, plied the seas at the time when the legend of Jason and the Argonauts was born,” Tim Severin recalls. “The occasion of our first encounter was the arrival of my galley Argo on the Black Sea coast of Georgia after her long and arduous journey from Volos in northern Greece, traditional home of Jason himself. At the Georgian port of Poti, we discovered that we had not been alone in our pursuit of the ancient tale of Jason and the Argonauts. There, in connection with the same story, was waiting the Bulgarian team of the Argonautica Expedition aboard their yacht Aurora, and Theodor Troev was the team leader… In a very real sense, the work of the Bulgarian Argonautica Expedition complements the practical, hand-blistering and muscle-aching endeavours of my own crew of a modern Argo…”

Travel, That Incurable Bug

Medicina i Fiscultura, Sofia


This illustrated book is a profile of Bulgaria's leading travellers and explorers.

Our Travels

Medicina i Fiscultura, Sofia


The story of Bulgaria's first Travellers' Club is an account of how the dream of travelling and exploring the world shaped up the fate of many young people in this country.

Statiq Severin Argonavtika Pana